Kerala Package | 3 days | Code: VH34 Kumarakom - Houseboat - Kochi

Tour Package 3-Day Code VH34

Kochi - 1N Kumarakom - 1N Houseboat - Kochi

Backwater - Houseboat - Ancient City

Here's a suggested 3-day package trip itinerary to Kumarakom and Houseboat. The package includes 1N stay at Kumarakom and 1N stay in Houseboat. The final day's Kochi sightseeing is based on the time and place for departure. The itinerary covers aproximately 350 km, including sightseeing.

Day 1

Kochi - Kumarakom

1 hour

Upon your arrival, one of our representatives/driver will meet and greet you. Our experienced driver will then transfer you to Kumarkom, Know as paradise for backwater tourism. Nestled in Kerala's embrace, Kumarakom is a haven for travelers seeking serenity. Embark on a backwater journey aboard rustic houseboats, drifting through a maze of emerald canals. Luxurious resorts dot the shoreline, offering opulent stays with stunning views. Nature enthusiasts flock to the bird sanctuary, where vibrant avian species grace the skies and tranquil waters. Engage with local village life, witnessing age-old traditions and savoring authentic cuisine. Kumarakom beckons with its harmonious blend of natural wonders and cultural riches, promising an unforgettable escape. Overnight at Kumarakom.

Day 2

Kumarakom to Houseboat in Alleppey or Kumarakom

1 hour

Embark on an enchanting houseboat tour in Alleppey, Kerala, where each moment unfolds like a dream. Spend the day cruising along serene backwaters, passing picturesque villages and verdant landscapes. As the sun sets, your houseboat transforms into a cozy retreat for the night. Indulge in sumptuous traditional meals prepared onboard by skilled chefs. Drift off to sleep to the gentle lullaby of the water, waking up to a breathtaking sunrise over the tranquil Alleppey backwaters, a true feast for the senses. Overnight at Kumarakom.

Day 3

Alleppey to Kochi for departure

One and half our to Fort Kochi from Alleppey

Explore the historic charm of Fort Kochi on a captivating sightseeing tour. Wander through narrow lanes lined with colonial-era buildings, each echoing tales of bygone eras. Marvel at the iconic Chinese fishing nets as they silhouette against the sunset, a timeless spectacle. Discover cultural treasures like St. Francis Church, the oldest European church in India, and the vibrant Jew Town with its eclectic shops and synagogues. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of history and culture that defines Fort Kochi. It is important to ensure that you are at your departure spot on time. Wish you a happy farewell.

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